Product Name      3M 1860, 8210

Certification          FDA, CE, NIOSH

Product of             Worldwide

Product Details

NIOSH Approved : N95
FDA Cleared for use as surgical mask
Fluid Resistance 120mm Hg
Flammability Rating Class 1


Product Name      Disposable Mask

Certification          KC

Product of             Republic of Korea, China

Product Details

A Disposable Dental Mask made of a filter that is a non-woven fabric made by manufacturing method that melts thermoplastic high polymers such as
Polypropylene (PP), The Filter widely used in KF Mask, Medical and Health masks.


Product Name      KF94

Certification          KC

Product of             Republic of Korea

Product Details

KF94 Mask certified by the Korea Food & Drug Administration (KFDA).
KF94 Mask can filter out at least 94% of particles with a diameter equal of 0.4 μm